Bringing Kingdom Culture through the Presence of God


We have a responsibility to bring Kingdom Culture to all areas of the world, not just to the church. Everyone should get to EXPERIENCE the presence of God.


Being Inspired by God is the ability to see from a heavenly perspective. Whether that is about ourselves, our dreams, or the desires of the world. 

When aligned with the heart of God, He gives us hope and a vision to see the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. 

We already carry everything that is required to bring Kingdom Culture and a new narrative to match what God is saying about the world. 


It all starts the moment God encounters you! 



Do you have a vision or dream for the world? 

Do you have a passion to make a difference? 

Have you been called by God to go into the world to bring change?

You are not the only one.

Many people feel the "tug" of wanting to make a difference. We are all called by God to live a life that is counter-cultural in every way. Each person has a unique story and message the world has been waiting for. 


We need to understand where we are at so we

know where we are going. 


You have been Inspired and Equipped, now you need to be Sent. 


We sometimes find ourselves getting lost because we have not received the directions of where we are going or what we are doing. 


We sometimes stop moving forward when things get hard, believing that it was not meant for us. 

I would propose to you that just because you cannot get there on your own does not mean it was not meant for you to climb.  Community helps us grow, keeps us accountable, and helps us to focus on God when all feels impossible. 


Being Sent requires a good map, authority to walk that path, and a group of people who will cheer you on.