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Damascus Experience is Called to:


Inspire the world,

Equip the saints,

Send agents of change into the nations. 

A Damascus Experience brings a transformational change within a person's heart, mind & soul. Whether the experience takes place in the workplace, at home, in the street, or at a conference center, people walk away with experiences they will never forget. Providing an experience and an understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven equips others to go and bring a Damascus Experience into their world and influence the culture around them. 

Meet The Team

Our team was built with divine appointments and on-time meetings.  Each one carrying the exact gifting and calling that is needed for the development of Damascus Experience. 


Each is uniquely made to hear God, walk out their calling, and has the desire to see heaven on earth. 


Yvonne Rempel


Co-Founder & CVO

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I believe each person's Damascus Experience radically changes their lives.  Each experience ushers in more of the presence of God.  When we are in the presence of God we can move mountains.


Luke Askew


Co-Founder & CEO

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I believe that if we're going to transform the world it must first take place from within. My purpose is to inspire, equip & empower others to unlock the potential within them and transform their world.

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Matt Rempel


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I believe that businesses, as well as people, have an undiscovered need for guidance. My desire is to help identify the needs of businesses and bring breakthroughs of healthy growth and establish success.