Image by Sharon McCutcheon


The God Imprint

A Journey from Rejection to Redemption, Unfailing Love, and Purpose!

Yvonne understood from an early age that she was not wanted by her mother, her father, or the world. Experiencing abuse, trauma, and PTSD, she left home broken and looking at the world to fill the holes of who she was and why she was there. Finding herself in a cycle of drugs, drinking, and needing to be loved, she came face to face with a life she could never imagine—she herself was now pregnant at 18 years old.

Wanting to give her child a better life, Yvonne, along with her boyfriend, moved to a small town and found something she never would have expected—GOD. After years of brokenness, trauma, baggage, and pain, Yvonne started a 15-year journey of understanding that the Father of all creation had always been there with her and that she was made for more than what the world had given her. Join her as she walks you through her story of redemption, hope, and inspiration with real-life events, funny conversations between her and God, tears of laughter and sorrow, and most importantly, understanding that He is there for you too.