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If each path you  take leads you to a dead end,
It's time find a new VICTORY!

 Are you tired of looking for the answers to these questions?

Who Am I?
Why Am I Here?
What is the point of all this?

I was too!  I knew there was more to my life than what I was experiencing but I could not find it.  Each path that I walked lead me to a dead end and left me feeling defeated and deflated.  I eventually started thinking that I was the exception and only "those" people get to have the life I would only dream about.  

I am so glad I was wrong. 

My 15 year journey of discovery lead me to a path that did not bring me to a dead end this time.  I was able to experience freedom from what the world said about me and victory in areas of my pain. I spent years learning how to walk in the ability to experience things I could only dream about before. 

If you are looking for answers, you need to go to the one who created you and gave you purpose.  

Epoch coaching wants to be a guide for you on your journey of a life time.

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“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”

Our Areas of Focus


Learning how we process information is key, as we seek answers to the important questions.  The Enneagram is a powerful tool we use that helps process information.  We also look at how we hear God and the mind cycle and how to get out of that rut. 


How does God speak to you?  Is He who you imagined Him to be? Or is He the person that stops you from having what you want?  How we perceive God is often what stops us from moving into everything He has been calling us into. 

Old Paths

Moving forward means looking back ,not going back.  We help you to understand your past so you can see your future. 


Sometimes we ask a question looking for an answer we don't really want.  If you have never been taught the language to encounter God then maybe you have not been able to ask the question to discover what you really want to know. 

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Once you get on your proper path, and are equipped to take the journey, it is now time to be what you were always meant to be:




People relate influencers to social media gurus who know how to build up followers and likes. 

What if I told you that the original influencer, JESUS, did not worry about likes and followers.  He cared about love, truth and the hearts of people.  There can be many followers, but are they following for the right reason?


Kingdom influencers have the ability to persuade or sway others to a relationship with God. We are building kingdom influencers who will be leaders on their campus, marketplace, schools and other areas of life they will understand how to position themselves in a way that will give them impact and influence in every arena they have been called to!

We need kingdom influencers to pave a way for the next generation of leaders called The Royal Priesthood who will be looking for the paths YOU pioneers will establish for them. 

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind

- C.S. Lewis

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What We Do


1:1 Coaching in establishing and equipping you for a new path


1:1 Coaching in establishing and equipping you to be a kingdom Influencer


Group sessions that encourage a discipleship and community dynamic as you become a kingdom Influencer in the area God has called you to. 
Sessions Max 12


Invite our coach to speak and teach at events, conferences or other areas you would like to hear this message.