The Royal Priesthood leadership program has been developed to establish the next generation with a foundation of discipleship and tangible leadership skills.   Our goal is to help establish a firm foundation of discipleship while learning and walking in their identity and purpose.  To fulfill their purpose, to walk in the area of influence they are called to, will require them to be equipped with leadership skills so they can stay in that area and transform the world. 

Our Program is offered in many ways!

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3 Year Program

This is the intense transformation program.  It is a 3 year program where we dive into Identity, Purpose and Calling while developing tangible leadership skills.  You will learn what it means to be a dedicated disciple of Jesus in transformational change, serving others and your community and connecting with the Holy Spirit.  

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12 Week Program

This program is offered as an in-person and online course.  Its a bi-weekly course offered every second Saturday. It is used as an introduction to the three year program so that youth can feel the pull God is tugging at them to be closer to Him. 

Uplifted Youth

2 Week Leadership Insight

This program is offered as an in-person only course.  It is a two week workshop that touches on Identity and why God is calling you to step into the areas of influence He has called you to. 

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The disciples followed Jesus because they were waiting for Him.  They were waiting for the moment.  They were called so they can follow.  That started with a passion of wanting to know his voice and be called into something unknow.  As a speaker one of my passions is to inspire the next generation to find the One who has been calling them. 


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